The Kalevan kisat Finnish Championships in Pori

“The Kalevan kisat Finnish Championships, organised in Pori, were a success both athletically and financially. The crowd at the event, brilliantly active cooperation partner companies and the tight budget structure enabled us to exceed our goals,” wrote the Satakunnan kansa newspaper.

Tight cooperation with the organiser and cooperation partners are crucial, as well as planning, if large events are to succeed. Harri Aalto, Chairman of the Board of the Kalevan kisat organisation, agrees.

“The Kalevan kisat athletics championships in Pori were an enormous success, both in terms of sports and financially. Our cooperation with Grano was built on several excellent features, such as the decor of the VIP facilities and the building of the corporate elements in the gates. Flexible cooperation and sticking to scheduled deadlines were the foundations for the success of the event.”

Successfull event Grano