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How do you want your product presented?

Excellent products deserve the best possible in-store visibility. We can chart the needs and objectives of our customers, and design a comprehensive solution to support your sales.

We can make your vision a reality, no matter how big or small: from individual shelf slots or end-of-aisle slots to comprehensive campaigns combining, for example, printed advertising, messages that direct the customer’s purchase path, digital price messages, and visually impressive presentations.

Our customers can get everything in one place. We provide everything you need – and more.

Do you know who buys your products?

Thanks to state of the art technology, our ability to steer and monitor the purchase path of customers who come in the store is constantly improving. The path often starts from advertisements distributed to the customer’s home, directs the customer to the correct aisle, and finally, tempts to put the product in the shopping basket.

Together with our customer, we can figure out the end customer’s purchase path and design just the right kinds of instruction signs, boards, and digital messages to steer the customer towards a purchase. RFID and mobile technologies also enable sending customised messages to the customer’s phone, for example. 

We offer our customers a simple turnkey solution, which covers the analytic tools as well as the technical solutions.


Save through modelling

We can model in-store campaign elements in 3D form in their environment, so that you can see the end result before a single banner goes through our printing machines.

Digital displays steer towards the purchase decision

Use remotely controlled digital displays in the store to steer your customers towards a purchase decision.

Delivered and stored

We deliver and store everything we produce. Our logistics network stretches throughout the country.

From our customers

‘The success of a campaign is always the sum of many things. Personally, I believe that the excellent feedback we got from both the customers and the companies located at the shopping centre is largely due to the competence at Grano.’

Marja-Leena Koukonen, Osuuskauppa Suur-Savo cooperative


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