For Valtra, logistics means efficient brand and production management

Valtra is known as a Finnish brand. The logo and red colour (PMS 185) are familiar around the world. Good user experiences, durability, agility, and customer-oriented service ensure the brand loyalty of Valtra’s customers.

Valtra also has an extensive tractor range. With a whopping 500,000 combinations of additional and optional equipment, as well as customisable colours, every customer can get exactly the kind of tractor they need. Each tractor is unique.

Grano in the production chain

The compilation of one tractor at the factory takes approximately ten hours. The point of the operations is that a buyer is waiting for every machine before the production machinery moves an inch. With so many optional equipment and customisable features, not a single tractor is manufactured in advance.

When the customer agrees upon the purchase with a salesperson, the order enters the operation control system at the factory. From there, the necessary information is distributed to the various sections of the factory and several subcontractors. Some two weeks before the tractor is complete, the exact production time is set for the tractor.

“If the production chain is to succeed, all parties must perform their part exactly and on schedule,” says Sami Talpio, Key Account Manager at Grano.

Grano also has a significant role as part of this production chain. A customised manual set is delivered to the customer with every Valtra tractor, including several individually printed products that vary depending on the model and country of delivery.

“We have access to the order base through Valtra’s systems, and can produce the manuals accordingly. Valtra updates their production queue daily, if necessary. Grano monitors this queue up to the last moments before delivering the manuals, and ensures that the exact manual sets for the following two days are being shipped out. The manuals sent out from Grano are customised according to the chassis number of the tractor to ensure that the manual is about the exact machine in question. Each manual is customised according to the legislation of the country of destination, language, and even local dialect, if necessary,” Talpio says.

Internationally uniform printed products

Grano has been Valtra’s cooperation partner for over ten years. In addition to the manuals, Grano produces the various other printed products required.

The Valtra sales network consists of some one thousand points of sales globally. Valtra participates in various events and exhibitions almost every week. Local importers are usually responsible for the operative side of international exhibitions, but the required materials, such as roll-ups, posters, and brochures, are shipped from Grano. Within one year, Valtra launched two new collections: the T4 in autumn 2014, and the brand new N4 in the beginning of October 2015. According to Keijo Honkanen, who is in charge of the design and coordination of the Valtra marketing materials, these big launches were organised by Valtra’s international marketing section in Suolahti, Finland.

“As with the tractors, the print products are mostly not acquired for stock, but rather delivered to meet an exact need. There are obviously some materials that are stored, but the need and sense of storage is always considered case-specifically, considering the various cost factors. Most of the printed products also for international delivery come directly from Grano,” Honkanen says.

Grano and Multiprint are now Grano

Multiprint Oy and Grano Oy merged on 1 November 2015. Multiprint Oy was fused into Grano Oy (business ID 0289075-6). Starting from the beginning of November, Multiprint offices have continued their operations under the name Grano.

Grano Oy will continue Multiprint Oy’s business activity without interruption after the merger. The merger will not affect Multiprint Oy’s customer or business relations, and there are no legal requirements for any additions or alterations to existing agreements, as Grano Oy will be bound by the terms and conditions of the agreements after the merger. The merger does not affect the operations of Multiprint’s subsidiaries.

Starting on 1 November 2015, invoices are sent under the name Grano. For the invoicing contact information, please click here.

Got some ideas? We make them a reality.

With the merger, our customers will have access to the most extensive services and up-to-date expertise in the industry. We have offices in 25 cities, covering Finland from Oulu to Helsinki. The company’s net sales will increase to approximately EUR 92 million, and the number of experts ready to serve you to over 800.

The article was originally published on 21.10.2015 and has been updated on 2.05.2023.