case Haloila

Haloila was founded in 1972 as a family business. The fully automatic Octopus wrapping machine has become the global market leader and one of the best known brands within the packaging industry.

Haloila is part of the international Signode Industrial Group. The group operates on six continents and employs over 7,000 people. The factory in Masku, Finland, employs some 60 people. A total of almost 160 people work in Europe and China in the production and service business operations related to the Octopus.

The Haloila wrapping machines are exported to over 100 countries, and some 250 machines are shipped out every year. The wrapped items include products within the food, drink, and construction industries. Every wrapping machine made by Haloila is fully customised.

The significance of translation services

The global market leader trusts Grano and its Translation Services' total service package in the updates, version management, and DTP services for marketing materials and the exhibition materials, as well as the machine label and sticker applications.

Grano’s services are closely related to the total service package. A customised manual, compiled and translated by Grano and its Translation Services, is shipped out with every machine. Therefore, Grano has been integrated into Haloila’s production management system and manual programme.

The several available languages add the final touch to the ordering and delivery process of the manual production. The source language is most commonly British English, and Grano Translation Services translates the text to Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Finnish, German, Chinese, Portuguese, or Swedish, for example.

Haloila creates the terminology for its field

As an innovative company, Haloila is constantly developing new technologies and customer-specific solutions. In the process, entirely new terminology is created. The long-term cooperation with and centralising the translation services to Grano Translation Services has enabled a separate language and term bank to be created for Haloila. These ensure that the terminology stays consistent throughout all materials, from marketing to web sites and customer documentation.

“Files sent by Haloila are easy to manage,” says Karita Kuosmanen, project manager at Grano Translation Services. She also notes that experienced translators are familiar with the terminology, and the translation memories often offer good matches.

The speed, flexibility, and quality of the service are in the core of the cooperation. Grano Translation Services follows the ISO 9001 quality standard. The extensive range of languages and speed and reliability of customer service can be seen in the busy everyday life as good service, from person to person.

“If the translators ever have questions about the texts, Haloila always replies quickly and clearly,” Kuosmanen praises.

Grano Translation Services offers translation and localisation services, documentation, and audio transcription services. The well-oiled interface between Grano Translation Services' services and all of the competence at Grano enable us to produce a comprehensive total package.