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Domestic Production and the Key Flag Symbol

Grano is truly Finnish

Finnish-owned Grano serves customers at 21 locations in Finland, from the Helsinki region to Lapland. Our goal is to provide a unique customer experience and make our customers visible in the channels relevant to their target audiences.

All of our products and services are produced domestically, contributing to employment and economic growth in Finland.

Grano has been awarded the right to use the Key Flag Symbol

In 2021, the Association for Finnish Work awarded Grano Oy the right to use the Key Flag Symbol, indicating that the company’s services are produced and contribute to employment in Finland. The Key Flag Symbol was awarded to all of Grano’s services and print products. The Key Flag Symbol stands for Finnish work.

The primary criterion for awarding the Key Flag Symbol is that the product is manufactured or the service is produced in Finland. In addition, the domestic content of the product or service, meaning the proportion of the Finnish cost of the break-even cost of the product or service, must be at least 50 per cent. Companies applying for the Key Flag Symbol for services must also have significant domestic ownership, and the management and the company’s head office must be located in Finland.

The Key Flag Symbol can be used on all print products manufactured by Grano at the customer’s request.