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In-store marketing and materials

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In-store marketing builds your brand

In-store or distribution channel marketing efforts always have an impact on your brand. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your brand is visible in-store and in your distribution channels when you want to influence your customers’ purchase decisions.

How does our service work?

In-store marketing is an art form: the person who buys the product is not always the person who will use it. Because of this, it is essential to understand the customer’s values, how and where they want to buy, how they behave and what their overall buying motives are. It is also good to know whether the customer is buying for themself or for someone else.

The shop is a growing medium, and brick-and-mortar stores are thriving despite the growth of online shopping. Our tailor-made, eye-catching in-store solutions promote your sales and are also easily expanded to the digital world to further promote your sales and brand.

We can provide you with everything you need, including a wide range of material, structural design, printing and installation options. For easy and hassle-free in-store solutions, look no further than Grano!

This solution is also available as a carbon neutral product

Discover our product solutions
for in-store marketing

Automatic visitor counting

Visitor counting helps prevent overcrowding in your business premises.

Digital signage

Digital signs attract attention and are an effective means of communication.

Graphic design and layout services

Grano’s experts will tackle your company’s graphic design challenges with enthusiasm and expertise.

Shelf talkers

A high-quality shelf talker draws the customer's attention and makes your product stand our from the competition.

Shelves, stands and product bins

Choose one of our ready-made solutions or ask for a 100% customised implementation for your product.

Window decals

Do you have window surfaces inside or outside your business premises that could be used as advertising space? Make your message visible with window decals!


A high-quality poster pleases the eye and communicates your message efficiently.

Signs and signposts

Steer your customers in the right direction with Grano’s signs and signposts.


Banners are in their element when you need an eye-catching and cost-efficient way to reach your target audience.

Advertising flags

Advertising flags play a key role in effective event marketing! Grano's advertising flags are made from high-quality and durable materials, making them suitable for even the most demanding outdoor conditions.

Advertising stickers and decals

Advertising stickers and decals are a surefire way to attract attention! We offer a wide range of options from small stickers to large window and floor decals.

In-store materials and presentation

In-store materials and the right kind of presentation have a significant impact on purchase decisions.

Shop interior design

Design, implementation and installation of shop interiors.

POS materials

Point of sales materials provide your products with a unique opportunity to stand out from competitors. Shelf speakers, pallet collars, displays, etc.

Tablet and display holders

Branded tablet and display holders are handy tools for demonstrating your company’s products and services at various events and in your company’s premises.

Office stickers and decals

Grano offers the most comprehensive services on the market for indoor stickers and decals. Invest in visuals that have a long reach, inspire commitment and make your company's story visible – without media costs!

VUSION Rail shelf screen

Moving image catches customers' attention on the shop aisle and differentiates your product from its competitors. 

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We accept quote requests from private consumers only for election advertising materials, construction drawings, CAD prints, book orders and worksite boards and signs.

If you are a private consumer, we recommend ordering products directly from Grano Shop, our webshop. Quote requests submitted by companies and organisations will be processed as normal.

Grano provides services at 21 different locations in Finland. Our headquarters are located in Helsinki. Our location-specific contact information can be found here.

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