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Customer Responsibility

We produce sustainable solutions

We care about our customers' success and are a genuine partner for our customers. We listen to our customers and develop our services based on customer needs. We keep the promises we make to our customers and focus on developing our cooperation in all areas to ensure an excellent customer experience. Quality is an integral part of our operations. High-quality and sustainable solutions ensure customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships. 

Quality is a natural part of our operations and an issue that concerns all our employees. Each and every employee is responsible for the quality of their own work and activities. We ensure that all our employees are aware of the quality of their work.

The trust customers show us is a prerequisite for our success. We actively develop information security to ensure data confidentiality and to secure personal data. We also ensure that all our products and services are safe for users.

We are committed to complying with:

  • the principles of the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard in our operations
  • the laws, regulations, decrees and directives relevant to our operations.

The Grano Group has defined the key focus areas and objectives regarding the promotion of quality, which are followed at these companies: Grano Group Oy, Grano Oy and Grano Diesel Oy.

Customer responsibility at Grano


Our key focus areas and objectives in the area of customer responsibility

Customer experience

Objective: Excellent customer experience

Providing an excellent customer experience is a top priority for us. We keep our promises. Our goal is to provide flawless products and services in line with customer expectations. We continuously develop our services and products to better meet customer needs and our production process to ensure comprehensive efficiency. We monitor the development of our customer experience, customer feedback and our own performance and work together with our suppliers to continuously develop our operations.


Objective: Confidentiality in all our operations. We protect personal and customer data. Zero data privacy and security incidents.

As regards information security management, our key objective is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and usability of data. As regards data protection, our key objective is to safeguard the personal data of our customers, employees and other stakeholders and to ensure that we fulfil our obligations as a data processor. Our information security and data protection policies define the basic requirements and lay the foundation for compliant operational planning and implementation.

Product safety

Objective: Safe products for users. Zero product safety incidents.

Our product responsibility is based on our products being safe for users and the environment, which we will never compromise on. We examine the suitability of raw materials for different applications and collect product information to ensure compliance with requirements. We work continuously to further improve the safety of our products by seeking more environmentally friendly materials, reducing the use of chemicals and improving the traceability of our products. The safety of our contact materials (such as those used with food products), print products and packaging is ensured with an appropriate product safety management system and compliance with HACCP principles.