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Unique marketing decals anywhere in Finland – from design to installation

Are you in need of window decals, vehicle graphics or other types of marketing decals? We can handle all the steps of the decal and sticker production process – from graphic design to the installation of the final products.

Thanks to our versatile decal and sticker production department, sales services and partnership network, we can provide your company with the same services throughout Finland. They also guarantee the consistent, high-quality and, if necessary, concurrent implementation of your branding across all your business premises. This is something that no other service provider in Finland can offer.

Or perhaps you are in need of decals for various types of partition elements, facades, vehicles, equipment or somewhere else entirely? We can do that, too! Grano is your number one choice for all marketing decals and stickers.

This solution is also available as a carbon neutral product

Discover our product solutions

Vehicle graphics

Get your vehicles wrapped by Grano to make use of one of the most effective outdoor advertising media!

Antimicrobial film

Antimicrobial film can be used to protect any surface, such as door handles, touch screens and payment terminals.

Window insulation and energy film

Do your business premises or offices get uncomfortably hot during sunny weather? Not to worry! Grano’s window insulation and energy film reduces glare, heat, temperature fluctuations and UV radiation.


An eye-catching label makes a product stand out and conveys the necessary product information to the buyer.

Graphic design and layout services

Grano’s experts will tackle your company’s graphic design challenges with enthusiasm and expertise.

Window decals

Do you have window surfaces inside or outside your business premises that could be used as advertising space? Make your message visible with window decals!

Advertising stickers and decals

Advertising stickers and decals are a surefire way to attract attention! We offer a wide range of options from small stickers to large window and floor decals.

Adhesive labels

A well-designed adhesive label adds the finishing touch to your product and sets it apart from the competition.

Office stickers and decals

Grano offers the most comprehensive services on the market for indoor stickers and decals. Invest in visuals that have a long reach, inspire commitment and make your company's story visible – without media costs!

Contact us, ask for more information or request a quote!

We accept quote requests from private consumers only for election advertising materials, construction drawings, CAD prints, book orders and worksite boards and signs.

If you are a private consumer, we recommend ordering products directly from Grano Shop, our webshop. Quote requests submitted by companies and organisations will be processed as normal.

Grano provides services at 21 different locations in Finland. Our headquarters are located in Helsinki. Our location-specific contact information can be found here.

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+358 29 1800 400

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