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Vehicle graphics

Get your vehicles wrapped by Grano to make use of one of the most effective outdoor advertising media!

Antimicrobial film

Antimicrobial film can be used to protect any surface, such as door handles, touch screens and payment terminals.

Prize draw boxes

Grano's prize draw boxes are fully customisable and available in a range of sizes from small table models to larger options.

Customer magazines

A customer, employee or organisation magazine is an excellent way to stand out amid the flood of information. A printed, tangible magazine with topical and useful content sticks in people’s minds.

Window insulation and energy film

Do your business premises or offices get uncomfortably hot during sunny weather? Not to worry! Grano’s window insulation and energy film reduces glare, heat, temperature fluctuations and UV radiation.

Automatic visitor counting

Visitor counting helps prevent overcrowding in your business premises.

Beach flags

Impressive beach flags provide visibility at e.g. outdoor events, shopping centres and fairs.

Digital advertisements

Take advantage of the ad space available online and on digital displays.

Digital real estate

Digital real estate services facilitate real estate management and marketing.

Digital banners

A digital banner is a quick and easy way to convey your message on digital channels.

Digital signage

Digital signs attract attention and are an effective means of communication.

Electronic publishing

Grano’s e-publishing solutions help make your company’s print publications available online quickly and cost-efficiently!

EMMi Digital Asset Management

EMMi Digital Asset Management allows you to seamlessly use and share all your files and digital assets.


A high-quality brochure provides information and gives customers a lasting impression of your company.

Brochure stands

A brochure stand keeps your brochures in order and available to your customers.


An eye-catching label makes a product stand out and conveys the necessary product information to the buyer.


High-quality flyers are an easy and cost-effective way to convey your message.

Graphic design and layout services

Grano’s experts will tackle your company’s graphic design challenges with enthusiasm and expertise.

Grano Media Tower™

Grano Media Tower™ is the leading solution on the market for event communications!

Shelf talkers

A high-quality shelf talker draws the customer's attention and makes your product stand our from the competition.

Shelves, stands and product bins

Choose one of our ready-made solutions or ask for a 100% customised implementation for your product.

Window decals

Do you have window surfaces inside or outside your business premises that could be used as advertising space? Make your message visible with window decals!

Illuminated sign letters

An illuminated sign made of detachable letters is an impressive and eye-catching solution suitable for many kinds of environments.

Seats and benches

Seats, benches and stools manufactured from eco-friendly re-board can be used for a variety of needs and applications.

Christmas essentials for companies

All things festive such as decoration elements, holiday cards, flashing roll-ups and branded packaging.

Flexible packaging

Ecological flexible packaging is ideal for snack products, spices, nuts and sweets, for example.


A high-quality poster pleases the eye and communicates your message efficiently.

Campaign packaging

High-quality campaign packaging helps your campaign succeed. Grano offers solutions for sale and seasonal campaigns, product launches and events.

Proofreading and editing

Our proofreading and editing services help ensure that your documents are linguistically and stylistically flawless.

Property management

The SokoPro real estate databank facilitates real estate maintenance and management by centralising all the necessary documentation to one place.

Book printing

We offer a full range of quick, versatile and cost-efficient book printing services. With heart and the best printing presses.

Cards & invitations

Impressive cards and invitations provide the finishing touch to your event and attract new participants.

Encased illuminated advertisements

An encased illuminated advertisement is an effective solution for keeping desired information highlighted.

Signs and signposts

Steer your customers in the right direction with Grano’s signs and signposts.

Signs and pop-ups

Branded signs and pop-ups attract attention and communicate effectively at events and your company’s premises.

Business cards

A high-quality business card gives a good first impression and conveys your contact information to the customer. Grano's business cards are fully customisable with a wide range of special effects and materials.


We provide translation services in over a hundred different languages.

Logistics services

Let us take care of the storage, packaging, mailing and delivery of your company's products for you.


Banners are in their element when you need an eye-catching and cost-efficient way to reach your target audience.

Advertising flags

Advertising flags play a key role in effective event marketing! Grano's advertising flags are made from high-quality and durable materials, making them suitable for even the most demanding outdoor conditions.

Advertising stickers and decals

Advertising stickers and decals are a surefire way to attract attention! We offer a wide range of options from small stickers to large window and floor decals.

Marketing asset automation

Is it possible to automate the production of marketing and advertising assets? Yes it is!

Marketing production outsourcing

Our outsourcing service is intended particularly for companies that need to execute a large number of continuous and recurring marketing operations.

Exhibition carpet

A branded exhibition carpet adds the finishing touch to your exhibition stand! A stylish and personalised exhibition carpet makes your department look good and effectively communicates your company’s brand.

Exhibition wall sets

Stylish exhibition wall sets branded in accordance with your company’s visuals help create a stand that catches the eye.

Exhibition sets

Trade fair coming up and missing a stand? Not to worry! Grano can handle even the most demanding exhibition sets effortlessly and cost-efficiently.

Trade fair planning and implementation

An effective trade fair stand is a collaborative effort – from start to finish.


Mobiles are great for points of sale, events and trade fairs, for example.

My Grano Order Channel

The My Grano Order Channel is a browser-based service. The service offers a quick and easy way of managing, editing, customising and ordering your company’s materials and products – it’s a one-stop shop!

In-store materials and presentation

In-store materials and the right kind of presentation have a significant impact on purchase decisions.

Shop interior design

Design, implementation and installation of shop interiors.

Printing services

Grano has a reputation as the most versatile printing house in Finland, and rightly so. We will design and produce whatever printed materials you want, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Packaging design library

Explore Grano’s packaging design options.

Packaging design

Well-designed packaging contributes to a product’s attractiveness and makes it stand out from the competition.

POS materials

Point of sales materials provide your products with a unique opportunity to stand out from competitors. Shelf speakers, pallet collars, displays, etc.

Tables and countertops

Tables and countertops are in their element at trade fairs, events and business premises, for example.

Construction drawings and CAD printing

Construction projects always involve lots of documentation, and important information needs to be kept up-to-date and easily editable.

Construction and project management

With SokoPro, you can easily manage an individual construction project or multiple concurrent projects and contracts.

Roll-up banners

Roll-up banners offer convenient visibility at trade fairs, events and in all kinds of business premises.

Waste bins

Our fully brandable waste bins made from ecological re-board are ideal for all kinds of business premises and events.

Customised illuminated advertisements

Grano provides customised illuminated advertisements for even the most demanding needs.

Accessible material

Accessible materials help you provide optimal service to your customers.

Decorative elements

Grano offers a comprehensive selection of decorative elements made from ecological re-board.

Scanning and electronic archiving

Document scanning and electronic archiving are a data secure and cost-efficient solution for storing information and improving its usability.

Electronic calls for tenders

Digitalise your procurement unit’s tools and receipt of tenders.

Tablet and display holders

Branded tablet and display holders are handy tools for demonstrating your company’s products and services at various events and in your company’s premises.

Event implementations

Planning an event, but need someone to implement it? You’ve come to the right place!

Event communications

Effective event communication has good reach, provides information and is memorable.

Adhesive labels

A well-designed adhesive label adds the finishing touch to your product and sets it apart from the competition.

Roadside advertising

With roadside advertising, you can reach the right target audiences without competition from other advertisers!

Office stickers and decals

Grano offers the most comprehensive services on the market for indoor stickers and decals. Invest in visuals that have a long reach, inspire commitment and make your company's story visible – without media costs!

Product photography and image processing

A good product image tells more than a thousand words.

Site cameras

Access a real-time feed of your work site whenever and wherever you are.

Site journals and TR measurement

SokoPro’s occupational safety indicators help make your work site an easier and safer place to work.

Work site boards and signs

Get your work site boards and signs quickly and easily from Grano.

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising gets your message across to your target audience without being lost in the barrage of ads from competitors. Grano’s solutions include roadside billboards, window decals and vehicle decals.


A high-quality calendar is ideal for both a company’s internal use and for use as a customer gift. Grano offers customisable calendars with quick delivery times and at affordable costs.

Annual reports and corporate social responsibility reports

Annual reports and corporate social responsibility reports need not be the biggest projects of the year. Contact our experts and let us plan an ideal implementation for your company!

Company parties and events

A company party is a great way to motivate your personnel and celebrate your company’s anniversaries in style. Grano is your convenient one-stop shop for event planning services and event materials!

Digitisation and document management

Time to convert your company’s old contracts into a digital format? Or perhaps you want to replace your old-fashioned archive with a convenient digital solution and free up space while doing so? In either case, Grano will help you digitise your documents!

VUSION Rail shelf screen

Moving image catches customers' attention on the shop aisle and differentiates your product from its competitors. 

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