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Packaging, labels and stickers for the food and pharmaceutical industries

Our production facilities in Koivuhaka, Vantaa, have been inspected and approved by the food control authority of the City of Vantaa, allowing us to produce and process food contact materials. Food contact materials mean materials that come into contact with food. We use food grade printing inks and adhesives.

Our facilities have a self-supervision plan as per food production regulations.

  • HACCP system
  • product traceability system forwards and backwards
  • forms and templates are archived
  • hygiene guidelines
  • recall plan in the event of problems.

Grano’s marketing logistics and service inventory services have also been approved by the food control authority. As a result, our service inventory can be used to store and our campaign packaging department can mail food products that are packed and do not require special storage conditions, such as cold storage.

Our production facilities in Vantaa have been audited and approved by pharmaceutical industry operators

Operators in the pharmaceutical industry have strict guidelines and systems and consider a food production permit to support the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry as well.

How does Grano handle quality defects?

We process all formal complaints from customers and supplier deviations in our deviation management system. It is important to us that you are satisfied with the end product, so we are happy to receive feedback that helps us further improve our operations.

How we develop our expertise

Grano’s own learning platform is full of training courses that keep our employees up to speed and ready for new challenges. These include dedicated training courses for employees working on projects for the food production and pharmaceutical industries.

Certifications and labels

Our certifications are based on annual third party audits and impose strict requirements concerning responsible and ethical conduct, chemical handling and awareness, reporting and documentation, among other things.

Grano's certifications and labels: 

  • ISO 9001 quality management certification
  • ISO 14001 environmental management certification
  • Key Flag Symbol
  • Carbon neutral products and services
  • FSC/PEFC certification
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Read more about Grano’s corporate social responsibility here!

A one-stop shop

Grano can provide you with the whole package, literally, as a one-stop shop. We will help you choose the right options for your product packaging out of our extensive selection of traditional and special materials.

Is something missing? Grano can provide you with everything from design assistance to asset management and storage services. Be sure to keep in mind that we also offer language and translation services in over a hundred languages! If your company is already international or aiming for the global market, it is high time to start translating your packaging and labels into the languages of your countries of sale.

Our solutions


An eye-catching label makes a product stand out and conveys the necessary product information to the buyer.

Graphic design and layout services

Grano’s experts will tackle your company’s graphic design challenges with enthusiasm and expertise.

Flexible packaging

Ecological flexible packaging is ideal for snack products, spices, nuts and sweets, for example.

Campaign packaging

High-quality campaign packaging helps your campaign succeed. Grano offers solutions for sale and seasonal campaigns, product launches and events.

Packaging design library

Explore Grano’s packaging design options.

Packaging design

Well-designed packaging contributes to a product’s attractiveness and makes it stand out from the competition.

Adhesive labels

A well-designed adhesive label adds the finishing touch to your product and sets it apart from the competition.

Contact us, ask for more information or request a quote!

We accept quote requests from private consumers only for election advertising materials, construction drawings, CAD prints, book orders and worksite boards and signs.

If you are a private consumer, we recommend ordering products directly from Grano Shop, our webshop. Quote requests submitted by companies and organisations will be processed as normal.

Grano provides services at 21 different locations in Finland. Our headquarters are located in Helsinki. Our location-specific contact information can be found here.

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