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Social Responsibility

Winning team

We are committed to respecting and promoting human rights in all our operations. Our personnel are the main focus area of our social responsibility. We want to be a responsible employer. We treat everyone fairly and equally. Our objective is to create a diverse and safe working environment that invests in the overall well-being of personnel. We focus on comprehensive orientation and competence development, because personnel play a key role in achieving the objectives we set.

Our work for the good of the environment also contributes to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, of which the following are the most relevant in terms of our social responsibility efforts:

  • 3 Good health and well-being
  • 5 Gender equality
  • 10 Reduced inequalities

UN Goals - Social Responsibility

Zero accidents

Grano is a member of Nolla tapaturmaa (eng. Zero Accident Forum). The forum is coordinated by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and consists of Finnish workplaces while motivating companies to strive for higher level of work safety and well-being at work. The Forum can be joined by any workplace that wants to reach higher level of work safety and well-being at work as well as strive to zero accidents, zero sick days or burn-outs caused by work, zero-tolerance against bullying, zero unpleasant workdays.


Social Responsibility at Grano


Our key focus areas and objectives in the area of social responsibility

Human rights

Objective: Creating an equal, diverse and responsible working community.

We are a socially responsible employer that treats everyone equally and fairly. We take equality into account especially in recruitment, the division of duties and assignments, pay and other employee benefits and the development of the working community. We focus on increasing diversity and promoting equality. We maintain a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment, discrimination and inappropriate behaviour, and we address any inadequacies immediately. We also involve our staff in the development of our working community.

Occupational safety and well-being  

Objective: We make our working environment safe. We aim for zero accidents, the development of psychological safety and being Finland's safest workplace!

Employee well-being and safe working conditions are the foundation that all of our operations are built upon. We monitor employee satisfaction and well-being regularly and work constantly to improve well-being. We focus especially on the development of managerial work, as workplace well-being stems from good leadership and management. We support the work ability and stress management of our employees, which is why we provide all our employees with access to a broader range of occupational health care services than required by law.

We measure our occupational safety and engage in continuous improvement based on safety findings, risk assessments, reports, audits and inspections. We focus especially on preventive occupational safety measures. We provide our employees with training on safe working methods and make sure that everyone complies with them. The development of our occupational safety is based on our occupational safety and health policy and objectives.


Objective: We develop competence and support continuous learning. 100% of our staff have completed orientation and received training related to their own work. 100% of our staff have had development discussions and prepared a personal development plan.

We make sure that all of our employees are familiarised with the basic principles of our operations and possess the competence required to perform their duties. We want to provide opportunities for competence development in the form of job rotations, training courses and development programmes. We prepare a training plan covering our entire personnel every year and monitor its realisation and assess its impacts systematically.