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Display solutions

Communicate digitally, provide information at events and guide your customers to the right place. Whether you are looking for an outdoor or indoor display for a space large or small, Grano’s display solutions and Grano Media Tower are at your disposal. 

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Indoor display solutions

Looking for a touch screen kiosk for an event or a video roll-up banner customised with your company’s brand? Or perhaps you would like to advertise your products in the hallways of a shopping centre or the windows of your business premises? Grano will provide you with all the display solutions that you need, tailored to your specifications.

Weatherproof display for outdoor use

Grano’s extensive product range includes weatherproof outdoor displays, outdoor pylons, outdoor LED screens and eye-catching roadside LED displays. Our displays also come with optional remote control and camera surveillance features. Our experts will help find the ideal solution for your company’s digital display needs, come rain or shine!

Grano Media Tower™ is the perfect solution for big events

Grano’s large, movable and high-resolution Media Tower rental displays ensure that your message is noticed in the largest public events, such as sports events, festivals and outdoor concerts.

Two-sided and rotatable for display in either vertical or horizontal orientation, Grano’s Media Tower LED screens can be used to display videos, images or other branded digital content. They can also be used for guidance or to provide instructions to event participants in the event of an emergency.

The displays can be managed remotely either individually or in a series, in which case the same content is displayed on all screens. The remote management of Grano’s Media Tower displays is based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) principle, which means that the content displayed on the screens can be updated from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can also compensate for the rental costs by selling advertising space for the displays.

If necessary, we will also provide you with the necessary content production and management services. Or perhaps you have the material that you want to display ready to go? Either way is fine by us! If you have ever wondered how to ensure the visibility of your products in a crowded space, we are the one to turn to!

This solution is also available as a carbon neutral product

Discover our product solutions
for in-store marketing

Digital signage

Digital signs attract attention and are an effective means of communication.

Grano Media Tower™

Grano Media Tower™ is the leading solution on the market for event communications!

VUSION Rail shelf screen

Moving image catches customers' attention on the shop aisle and differentiates your product from its competitors. 

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