My Grano Order Channel

Adaptable online service for the ordering, management, editing and distribution of your company’s marketing materials.

My Grano Order Channel

Manage materials and orders quickly and easily

The My Grano Order Channel is a browser-based service. The service offers a quick and easy way of managing, editing, customising and ordering your company’s materials and products – it’s a one-stop shop! The service is established and tailored to make it consistent with your company’s visuals and operating models. The service is suitable for both large and small enterprises, and the number of users is not limited.

My Grano Order Channel Lite

Free of charge

Company webstore with everything you need for easy ordering. 


  • Delivery everywhere within Mainland Finland
  • Browser-based design tool
  • Easy re-ordering of products
  • User-specific order history
  • Unlimited number of users

My Grano
Order Channel

Starting from 58,40 €/month

A customised ordering channel for companies with several users.


  • Service visuals tailored to your company’s look
  • Training and administrator support
  • Unlimited number of users 
  • Option to have a dedicated URL
  • Integrations (SSO and federation)
  • Management interface
  • Order redirection to third parties
  • Downloading of digital assets from the service


Manage your brand

Use the service to publish products in line with your company brand. Create editable asset templates, lock individual brand elements and define which types of content users are allowed to edit.



The My Grano Order Channel can be made as comprehensive and versatile as you need. There are no limitations to the number of products or users.

Streamline your ordering process

The service helps your company create an efficient process for placing orders and managing products and assets. The customisable ordering process ensures that orders can be placed quickly and conveniently, without any mistakes.

One-stop shop

Use a single service and operating method for ordering marketing material. You can import all of your company’s print products, stock products and digital marketing assets into the service. By combining the order channel with our comprehensive range of services, the only thing you need to take care of is placing orders.

Visuals tailored to your brand image

The appearance of the service is tailored to make it consistent with your company’s visuals.

Easy adding and management of users and creation of groups via My Grano

The service’s user management features allow you to easily specify service offerings and content for individual users or user groups.

Convenient editor for content creation and editing

With the editor, users can plan and edit the product templates in the service themselves. This way your marketing department no longer needs to be solely responsible for all the different versions and the editing of your marketing materials. The product editing features can also be restricted, ensuring that important brand elements and the overall look of your materials remain consistent.



  • Customised delivery and payment methods
  • Order history and re-ordering
  • User- and group-specific address books


  • Public webshop or a closed ordering channel
  • Language versions: Finnish, Swedish and English
  • Branded user interface
  • Customisable content pages

Content creation and editing

  • Browser-based product editor
  • Edit visuals, colours, images and texts
  • Based on InDesign layout templates

User management

  • Easy adding of new users
  • Self-sign-up
  • Create user groups and manage access rights and product views

Approval workflows

  • Order content approval
  • Commenting on and approval of product appearance


  • Can be integrated into your company’s user management
  • Single Sign-On and federation 


How to sign in to the My Grano Order Channel

So your company is already using the My Grano Order Channel? Great! This means that your company has access to a customisable online service for the ordering, management, editing and distribution of marketing materials.

My Grano is a service customised to your company’s needs. As such, we cannot provide you with a direct link to the service. To sign in to My Grano, please request a link to the service and a user account from your company’s My Grano administrator.

We felt that My Grano provided an easy way to manage the ordering of marketing materials as a whole. The service allows those who need business cards to easily order them for their own teams.

Linda Tierala, CapMan 

The My Grano Order Channel

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