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Target groups and customer registers

Target groups

Looking for new customers or more information about your existing customers?

With Grano's Target Group services, you can reach all Finnish consumers, in addition to which we can provide you with information on companies’ decision-makers to facilitate your marketing and sales. We can also help you update, enrich and analyse your existing customer register – your company’s most valuable resource!

Our consumer target group service provides you with the names and addresses of consumers for direct marketing and communications purposes. The data can also be filtered based on factors such as sex, age, family size, socio-economic status or holiday home ownership. There are numerous selection criteria available, facilitating precise targeting.

Our company target groups service provides you with the contact details of companies, entrepreneurs and organisations as well as their decision-makers for printed and electronic communications and telephone marketing purposes. The data can be filtered based on factors such as company location, sector, sales and risk classification. The data on decision-makers can also be filtered based on area of responsibility, ensuring GDPR-compliant B2B communications.

Grano Diesel can help you reach Finnish people and approach precisely the people who you want to reach – while saving time and money. We are pioneers in target group planning and customer register refinement, which can help make your campaigns effective in all the ways that matter.

Customer register updating, enrichment and analysis

Updating service                  

Our updating service will bring your customer register up to date in one go. Your customer register is your company’s most valuable resource, so keeping it up to date is essential.

Customer base enrichment

Our customer base enrichment service provides you with additional information on the persons included in your customer register. This helps you understand customer behaviour and more effectively target and personalise your marketing efforts.

Customer base analysis and profiling

Our customer base analysis and profiling service provides you with an accurate picture of what your customers are like and the characteristics that set them apart from the chosen reference group. Profiling also helps you increase your customer understanding.

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