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Direct marketing has excellent reach and impact

Traditional direct marketing is ideal for both smaller campaigns and long-term brand image creation. Direct marketing helps you reach the right people at the right time.

Grano offers a comprehensive range of direct marketing services, from planning to implementation. Our comprehensive direct marketing expertise covers everything from graphic design to content creation and production – without forgetting precise target group definitions and aftercare.

Give direct marketing a shot with a letter, invitation, card or brochure – and make an impact on the recipient.

As an additional service, you can also add the following to your range of marketing channels:

  • email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • campaign websites

No misses, only guaranteed hits! Grano Diesel is the only service provider in Finland offering a complete direct marketing pipeline: everything from creative design to content and production and all the required bells and whistles, including paper choices.

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Graphic design and layout services

Grano’s experts will tackle your company’s graphic design challenges with enthusiasm and expertise.

Contact us, ask for more information or request a quote!

We accept quote requests from private consumers only for election advertising materials, construction drawings, CAD prints, book orders and worksite boards and signs.

If you are a private consumer, we recommend ordering products directly from Grano Shop, our webshop. Quote requests submitted by companies and organisations will be processed as normal.

Grano provides services at 21 different locations in Finland. Our headquarters are located in Helsinki. Our location-specific contact information can be found here.

customer service

+358 29 1800 400

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