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Quality and Security

Quality Policy

Our mission is to provide a wide range of communication and technical documentation service solutions, cost-effectively and effortlessly. Quality is an essential factor in our success.

The factors in our high quality include the following:

  • meeting the customer’s expectations
  • a comprehensive service range
  • continuous development of products and service solutions
  • an enthusiastic and versatile staff
  • a methodical approach
  • economically viable operations

Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships. This is why we ensure that all our employees are aware of the quality of their work. Our management and employees are familiar with and understand our quality management system and policy, and are committed to the required operating principles and the continuous development of the system.

We are continuously training our employees and developing our operations by setting goals and using indicators that are monitored regularly.

Our quality management system complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and covers all of our key operations. We comply with all local and national legislation, decrees and instructions issued by authorities. We also have a separate environmental management policy. 

Security Policy

The aim of Grano’s security operations is to secure our operating environment and ensure that security is maintained throughout all areas of our company. The most essential security principle is that no information is conveyed to external parties, and that full confidentiality is maintained in all our customer relationships. Our objectives are to secure the integrity and accessibility of information and uninterrupted operations, and to make sure we all have a secure working environment.

Security is a natural part of our operations and an issue that concerns all our employees. Each and every employee is responsible for the security of their own work and activities. We train our personnel to work in a secure manner and in accordance with our security principles, and to report any deviations observed. 

Our company’s management is committed to the development of security, monitors the realisation of security objectives and approves the changes to the company’s security policy as necessary. Our operations comply with local and national laws and regulatory guidelines.

Our Quality Certificates