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Invoicing Information

Accounts receivable

Invoicing contact information
(Please note! We recommend contacting us by email)

Construction industry in the Helsinki region, Hämeenlinna, Lahti, Tampere (CAD, Sokopro)
+ 358 (0)207 435 230

Helsinki region printing house, Helsinki, Järvenpää, Lahti, Hämeenlinna and Tampere
+ 358 (0)45 7731 0224 

Rest of Finland
+ 358 (0)14 334 2832
+ 358 (0)14 334 2848

Grano Language Services
+358 40 455 4483

Notifications of changes in invoicing addresses can be sent to the email addresses above.

Accounts receivable and collection
+358 (0)44 766 3069

If you cannot reach anyone using the numbers above, please contact our nationwide customer service at +358 29 1800 400. (Mon–Fri 08:00–16:00)

Accounts payable


Grano Oy's invoicing address
Electronic invoicing address 003721979350
Operator ID 003708599126

As of 1 November 2016, we have implemented a fully electronic purchasing invoice practice in accordance with the Finvoice standard, and are no longer able to receive invoices on paper or as PDF files. If your company is unable to issue electronic purchase invoices, please submit your invoices via the Liaison eInvoicing Portal.

Instructions for using the Liaison eInvoicing Portal (in Finnish)

Grano Oy’s business ID is 2197935-0

Invoices must include the name of the orderer as reference, the cost pool and all the other necessary information provided by the orderer.

For more information, please contact: ostoreskontra@grano.fi.

Grano Diesel and Suomen Arkistovoima


Contacts: controller@grano.fi