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An asset and media bank for all of your company’s digital assets

Nowadays it is essential to maintain constant access to your company’s digital assets – regardless of where in Finland or the world you are currently working in. Enter EMMi Digital Asset Management, a service that makes it possible to access and share all of your files and assets seamlessly between the members of the same working group, for example. EMMi Digital Asset Management helps keep all of your essential data and assets in good order and share them both within your company and with your cooperation partners.

EMMi is already trusted by nearly 200 companies both large and small in numerous industries. Read more about how our digital asset management service adapts to the needs of manufacturing industries.

EMMi Digital Asset Management also supports integration with the Synkka Media service for product images and is connected to GS1. The Synkka service is your ideal solution for the transmission of product information and digital assets from suppliers to retail groups and other recipients. Thanks to open APIs, product images can be automatically transmitted to the necessary parties and the desired channels, such as webshops and websites.

EMMi Digital Asset Management is browser-based and can also be used on mobile devices. The service is ideal for the transfer and archiving of marketing materials, such as images and product information. EMMi is also well suited to serve as a communication tool that centralises the data transfers of an organisation and its stakeholders under a single service. The service is easy to use, in addition to which it can be fully customised to suit your organisation’s needs.


Less manual work, fewer Excel files and email messages

EMMi Digital Asset Management can also be expanded with an optional project management service that serves as a shared desktop for your organisation and interest groups.

With the project management service, all archiving, material traffic, communication design and draft approvals can be managed within the material bank. In other words, the project management service allows you to manage your entire production process and gather all of your partners to the same table. The service makes project statuses and progress clearly visible, keeps you updated and ensures that you always have access to the right versions of your assets.

The benefits of EMMi Digital Asset Management in a nutshell

  • The service helps you store, share and manage your company's digital assets quickly and flexibly.
  • The service’s comprehensive range of preview and search features allows you to easily upload/download, view, comment on, classify and share assets.
  • The service supports the creation of an unlimited number of different sections for different user groups.
  • The service also features a comment function, allowing users to easily check materials and add detailed comments, without the need to send emails or drafts – all in a regular web browser.

How to sign in to EMMi Digital Asset Management

So your company is already using EMMi Digital Asset Management? Great! The service helps you store, share and manage your company's digital assets quickly and flexibly.

Each instance of EMMi is an independent service. As such, we cannot provide you with a link to your company’s EMMi. If you need help signing in to your company’s EMMi Digital Asset Management, please contact your company’s designated EMMi administrator.

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