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Sneeze guards and other safety products

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  • Safety products
  • Safety products

Sneeze guards and safety products to prevent the spread of viruses

We at Grano want to do everything we can to make sure that your company can keep operating safely. To this end, we have introduced a variety of products designed to prevent the spread of various viruses.

Our range of safety products includes

•    safe distance decals for shops and business premises
•    sneeze guards to protect customers and customer service staff at cash desks and counters
•    branded face masks that provide protection while communicating your company’s brand
•    safety screens for grocery shop bagging areas

In addition, our range of products includes

•    antimicrobial films for protecting different types of surfaces
•    automatic hand sanitiser dispensers featuring info screens with fully customisable messages
•    automatic visitor counting for easily managing the number of customers in your business premises

Be sure to also check out our communications services for exceptional circumstances. The need to provide information and carry out effective communications increases during emergencies. Try direct communication with a letter, card or brochure or convey important information to recipients with official bulletins or encouraging messages during exceptional circumstances.

Discover our safety product solutions

Antimicrobial film

Antimicrobial film can be used to protect any surface, such as door handles, touch screens and payment terminals.

Sneeze guards for cash desks and counters

Sneeze guards for cash desks and counters help prevent droplet transmission in business premises.

Safety products for polling stations

Grano offers a wide range of safety products for polling stations, including safe distance stickers and decals, sneeze guards for desks and automatic visitor counting with traffic lights.

Safe distance decals for shops and business premises

Use safe distance decals to remind your customers to maintain a safe distance when queuing.

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