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Digital products

Digital advertisements, digital banners, video advertising, electronic publishing and brochures based on your needs.

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  • Digital products
  • Digital products

Digital advertisements, video advertising and e-publications based on your company’s needs

Whether you are in need of an online banner ad, video ads to display on social media or screens or an electronic version of your company’s customer magazine, Grano is the one to turn to!

We offer:

•    animated, static and interactive banners based on your corporate image and products
•    custom banners featuring multiple hyperlinks, animations, and much more!
•    digital ads and HTML5 implementations for all media
•    electronic publications, digital facsimile editions and brochures (including enriched content)
•    product images for webshops
•    database publishing (DataCloud)

We will design and produce the digital assets that you need based on your media agency’s specifications. Please note that Grano does not prepare media plans and that the source material for videos and recordings must be provided by your company.

Make your customer magazines and printed publications available online through electronic publishing

Grano eJulkka is a quick, easy and cost-efficient way to make your company’s printed materials available online as digital facsimile publications. A digital facsimile is a digital version of a print publication that can be viewed on a computer or mobile device.

eJulkka Single

A quick and easy option for converting a PDF file into a digital publication for a fixed price.

eJulkka Single+

Single+ includes all the features of Single as well as 30 hyperlinks and the option of adding other enriched content.

eJulkka Single PRO

A comprehensive solution that includes a customer-specific library page, password protection (if required) and analytics. These are just some of the features that PRO has to offer, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Discover our product solutions

Digital advertisements

Take advantage of the ad space available online and on digital displays.

Digital banners

A digital banner is a quick and easy way to convey your message on digital channels.

Digital signage

Digital signs attract attention and are an effective means of communication.

Electronic publishing

Grano’s e-publishing solutions help make your company’s print publications available online quickly and cost-efficiently!

Marketing asset automation

Is it possible to automate the production of marketing and advertising assets? Yes it is!

Contact us, ask for more information or request a quote!

We accept quote requests from private consumers only for election advertising materials, construction drawings, CAD prints, book orders and worksite boards and signs.

If you are a private consumer, we recommend ordering products directly from Grano Shop, our webshop. Quote requests submitted by companies and organisations will be processed as normal.

Grano provides services at 21 different locations in Finland. Our headquarters are located in Helsinki. Our location-specific contact information can be found here.

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