Inspiration, innovation, invention - and finally, a brilliant idea by Timo Tikkanen of Nordisk Film. The result: harnessing the remotely controlled Digital Signage media pylon for the in-store promotion of PS4 products.

The media pylon, or pillar, is a branded intelligent media originally developed by Grano’s Customer Relationship Manager Pertti Hänninen for a national chain.

Nordisk Film imports PlayStation to Finland. Timo Tikkanen, in charge of marketing, fosters the brand of the market leader and increases the visibility of PS4 products on the Finnish market. When Hänninen and Tikkanen met, an entirely new kind of promotion opportunity opened up for PlayStation. The first PlayStation media pylons are already found in select stores in the Helsinki region.

- Supermarkets play a significant role on the Finnish market. In-store visibility solutions must be quite different from the common European practices. A lot of materials come through Sony, but their size and costs sometimes make them inconvenient for us. The cargo costs for large materials can alone make one think of new, more culture-specific solutions, Timo Tikkanen says.

Technically nifty

The Digital Signage media pylon is a form of versatile digital media that can be fully customised to the needs of every customer. Its media surfaces can be fixed or movable, and the contents can consist of video, pictures, animations, sounds, text, or other types of information gathered from external systems. When the display is connected to the Internet, the devices are controlled using a browser-based remote control programme through a cloud service. This frees the user from a certain device, as long as they have an Internet connection.

- I can change the contents of the pylons immediately or set a timed change for later, just by dragging and dropping. Sony constantly provides excellent content. Store-specific content, such as special offers, can also be placed in the pylons.

The media pylon runs on four wheels and is easy to move around. Excellent usages include public spaces, companies, advertising, promotion, exhibitions, and briefings, either indoors or outdoors.

Grano knows the market, and offers insightful turnkey solutions. This is also a big plus for Tikkanen and Nordisk Film. Grano can also produce the pylon all the way, from designing its external branded look to nation-wide deliveries and smoothly running logistics solutions. So it is not all about the know-how, it’s also about cost-effectiveness.

Experiences in top locations

The PlayStation was first brought to Finland in 1995, and is now the undisputed market leader in console games.

The PS4 was launched in 2013. This Christmas is expected to be the number one PlayStation Christmas ever, thanks to the extremely versatile range of games, with something for everyone, offered during the end of the year. With the production in competent hands, Tikkanen can focus on the essential: fostering the brand and stepping up the sales.

- So far, the main focus has been on the demo stands, but that practice has not been perfect. Traditionally, the stands have been located in the furthest corner of the electronics department, which has often been more of a children’s playground than anything else. Worn-out game controls and a dark demo screen do not promote an awesome brand.

Tikkanen from Nordisk Film is excited! The media pylon enables a versatile, movable, and changeable content, spreads significant customer information on the launching schedules of games, for example, showcases store-specific special offers, and eventually tempts the user to experience a new kind of gaming world.

- We want to be on the main aisle of the store, not in the background. Or why not take games to the grocery department? Gaming has become a commonly accepted form of leisure and culture, and it has a steady market. Thanks to Finnish gaming companies, the branch is also considered a developing form of business.

It is no small source of pride that the Sony headquarters in London are very excited about our innovation. They are currently investigating how the Finnish concept would work elsewhere in Europe.