Schindler Oy was facing a problem. They were moving to new facilities, where paper archives would not fit. What to do with their 100 shelf-metres of binders full of confidential documents?

The documents were essential for their business operations, and destroying them was not an option, so they began to seek a digitalisation solution. The documents needed to be scanned and then destroyed while maintaining data security. The information would still be safe and accessible as an electronic archive. 

They found the Grano digitisation and archiving services, and contacted us. We went through the contents of the archives with the customer and made sure how the information would be used in the future. Metadata was defined for the documents: the picture information, name, street address, postal code, city, country, and project number.

Grano picked up the archives and, within six months, scanned all 100 shelf-metres of binders into an electronic format. The size of the documents ranged from A4 all the way to A0. 

Information from the documents can now be sought more efficiently, and nobody misses the old binders which were recycled for other uses by Grano. The entire process was extremely easy for the customer, as Grano took care of basically everything. Even the old documents were destroyed in a secure manner.

The project was completed within the original schedule and according to strict data security requirements. The customer was very happy with the results and can recommend Grano’s services.

Text: Sirkka-Liisa Aaltonen