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EcoVadis’ sustainability rating is important for both Grano and its customers

Grano has undergone two EcoVadis business sustainability assessments, earning a silver medal on both occasions. At the beginning of 2023, in addition to earning a silver medal, we managed to improve our sustainability rating by five points. The result was better than 92% of all companies that had been assessed by EcoVadis at the time. But what does the EcoVadis sustainability rating mean for us, and why is it so important for our customer companies as well?

What is the EcoVadis sustainability rating? 

EcoVadis is an independent and internationally renowned provider of business sustainability ratings. It assesses and rates companies' environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, and its criteria are based on the world's leading ethical standards, such as GRI, UNGC and ISO 26000. The organisation’s operations are overseen by an international scientific committee. EcoVadis assessments have been carried out on approximately 100,000 companies in 200 industries and over 175 countries. 

According to Grano's Quality and Sustainability Director Tytti Liven, the EcoVadis sustainability rating is an important element of Grano's corporate social responsibility: 

“EcoVadis’ sustainability rating is important for Grano because it takes into account both general standards and our industry’s key sustainability perspectives. It provides us with clear data on which areas we are performing well in and where we still have room for improvement, allowing us to systematically develop Grano’s sustainability.”

How does our EcoVadis sustainability rating benefit our customers? 

EcoVadis’ platform allows our customers to view and compare the sustainability ratings of all their suppliers that have been assessed by EcoVadis. 

“EcoVadis highlights both the significant shortcomings and best practices of operators. The fact that EcoVadis is an independent operator guarantees the equal assessment of all operators in a given industry. This frees customers from having to organise their own surveys and managing or scoring their suppliers’ responses to them. It also reduces the need for supplier audits,” Tytti says.

Sustainable choices are strongly emphasised in the everyday operations of many of our customers, such as Bridgestone. As one of the world's leading providers of premium tyres and other mobility solutions, Bridgestone takes sustainable solutions into account in its marketing logistics as well. Grano has had the pleasure of helping Bridgestone manage their material flows. Bridgestone is a proud holder of EcoVadis' platinum medal sustainability rating.

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The article was originally published on 11.01.2024 and has been updated on 6.02.2024.
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