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Grano Translation Services is now Grano Language Services

Grano Translation Services is now Grano Language Services. In future, you can find us with both names. Our services and expertise remain unchanged, but our hope is that the new name serves to better describe the range of services that we have to offer today.

Although we are now known as Grano Language Services, you can still find us with the name Translation Services as well. Our core services include multilingual and versatile translation, proofreading and editing services. We provide translations for industrial, public administration and trade sectors, among others. Our experts also provide proofreading and editing services in both Finnish and the hundreds of other languages that we offer. In addition to these, we also provide accessible translations, terminology management and translation editing services and adapt texts to our customers’ marketing environments.

We also utilise a range of different APIs to facilitate the processing of website and webshop materials. They simplify the translation process and facilitate our customers’ asset management, saving valuable resources.

We remain your trusted partner for high-quality translation services, but please do not hesitate to ask us for a quote on language editing services or a comprehensive offer on other Grano services as well. We would be happy to help you with large projects as well!

For further information, please contact:

Anne Backman, Business Unit Manager, +358 41 731 2272, anne.backman@grano.fi
Karita Kuosmanen, Service Expert, +358 44 089 3652, karita.kuosmanen@grano.fi


The article was originally published on 5.01.2023 and has been updated on 6.02.2024.