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A new look for Finland’s Noblessa kitchen stores

Germany-based Noblessa sells premium kitchens based on over 70 years of experience. The company’s kitchens are manufactured in Germany at the largest kitchen factory in Europe by nobilia-Werke J. Stickling GmbH & Co KG. Since entering the Finnish market in 2011, Noblessa has established a total of 35 stores in Finland, from Helsinki all the way to Rovaniemi.

Germany-based Noblessa sells premium kitchens around the world based on decades of experience. The company entered the Finnish market in 2011. Noblessa's sales representatives help customers find the best kitchen solutions for them in collaboration with the staff of the company’s state-of-the-art factory in Germany.

Grano got involved in the project to renew Noblessa’s visuals in 2021, with the actual renewal work starting in January 2022. Key Account Manager Pia Huovinen and Large Format Printing Project Manager Riina Kokkinen from Grano detail how the project proceeded and what the end result was like.

From ideas to finished products

The Noblessa project was headed by Riina Kokkinen in collaboration with Pia Huovinen. According to Pia, the work began with the mapping and measuring of each of Noblessa’s stores and the preparation of layouts. The in-store materials and other visual assets of Noblessa’s stores were designed by Lahti-based advertising agency Ampersand, based on Noblessa’s wishes and the harmonised brand look of the company’s Nordic stores. After this, Grano produced illuminated advertisements and window decals consistent with the desired look, which were later supplemented with vehicle decals, flags and print products.

– Noblessa was already familiar to us as a customer before the visual renewal project, as we had supplied them with similar products in the past, but this time the scope of the project was much larger. We also provided them with print products after identifying a need for them, Pia explains about the project. 

– Before installing the window decals, we checked with Noblessa to make sure they conformed to their wishes. The visuals were meticulously designed, but the client was able to provide their opinion before the end result, Riina adds.

Noblessa had already been working together with Ampersand for several years. As a result, the advertising agency was able to easily communicate Noblessa's wishes to Grano at the start of the project.

Smooth cooperation

– We proceeded to implement these wishes and ideas in collaboration with Ampersand and Noblessa, Pia says.

Since the scope of this project was especially large, cooperation and open discussion were key success factors:

– We did run into some things that required some looking into, but overall the project was a great success, Riina describes. 

– The discussion was also very open between all the parties involved. We received positive feedback for the way we operate, among other things, Pia summarises. 

The end result appealed to all parties

Noblessa’s stores now sport a uniform and modern look, with all the individual elements from illuminated advertisements to window decals and print products exuding Noblessa’s style. The people at Grano were also happy with the end result:

– I liked the look. The end result is light and fresh, Pia praises.

– I like it too! The stores gained a well-deserved modern look, Riina adds.


The article was originally published on 11.10.2022 and has been updated on 20.02.2024.
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