Okrla Care: An agile product catalogue provides significant savings

Orkla Care launches dozens of new products every year. With the help of Grano’s Datacloud tool, compiling them all in a product catalogue became significantly easier and quicker.

Orkla Care’s product range includes an immense number of personal care, health and wound care products, as well as household cleaning products. Well-known Orkla Care brands include Möller, Jordan, Erittäin Hieno Suomalainen and Bliw.

“As a brand owner, we launch dozens of new products throughout the year. Our product catalogue is one of our most important sales tools, one that we are constantly renewing. To streamline the cumbersome process, we needed a tool that would not only make it easier and quicker to compile the catalogue, but would also enable us to create a visually high-quality publication. Grano’s Datacloud was the ideal solution to this,” says Raili Aarnio, marketing assistant at Orkla Care.

With the help of Datacloud, the latest product information is copied to the product catalogue automatically, and any corrections made to the product information are directly reflected in the catalogue. The necessary product photos are also automatically transmitted from Orkla Care’s own digital asset management system to the Datacloud system. This speeds up the compilation of product catalogues significantly, saving both time and money.

“Compared to how we used to do things, this new system has provided us with increased flexibility and improved project management. We saw significant cost savings from the very first catalogue,” states Päivi Sandén, sales coordinator at Orkla Care. 

The article was originally published on 4.02.2019 and has been updated on 20.02.2024.
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