Grano implemented and installed all the signage for the Tyks Lighthouse Hospital

“This is a big building with a large number of patients. It has a total of 24 units, and we are visited by approximately 100,000 clients annually. This is a new building for both clients and us users, which is also why we needed clear signage from the front entrance all the way to different destinations,” emphasises Tyks Hospital Designer Jukka Ukkonen.

Grano was selected to implement the signage for the new hospital through competitive tendering. Tyks already had a plan for the signage, covering both outdoor and indoor signs and connections to other buildings. The only thing that was needed was a suitable service provider to make the plan a reality.

– Grano won the tendering procedure and implemented all the signs according to our plan. The competitive tendering was open to everyone, so there were no extra points for being Finnish, but in this case we were fortunate to see a Finnish service provider emerge as the winner, Ukkonen says.

The hospital’s signs need to be clearly visible even outside, before you arrive at the front entrance. After entering, the client is steered in the right direction on a more general level. Along the way, they are provided with more detailed instructions as they approach the right ward, for example.

– More detailed information on the correct destination is provided all along the way. The colour scheme also helps you determine which floor you are on and whether you are in the same building after entering a new section, for example, Ukkonen explains.

Flexibility and speed are key

Implementing signage for an entire hospital was the first project of its kind for Grano.

– The hospital was a new environment for Grano, which was reflected in their strong willingness to implement our changes and wishes on short notice. A good example of Grano's expertise was the fact that they would present us with suggestions of their own and highlight alternative implementations. All we knew was where the signs should go, where they should point to and what information individual signs would contain. Grano, for their part, would highlight different products to illustrate how the signs could actually be implemented, Ukkonen describes.

According to Ukkonen, the best part of the cooperation was the fact that Tyks was in direct contact with Grano’s designers and the organisation’s management. During installation, Tyks also had a direct line of communication with the fitters. Ukkonen praises the professional skills of Grano's fitters, in particular.

– I would recommend Grano to all kinds of operators. We benefited greatly from their flexibility and quick deliveries, among other things.

Jukka Ukkonen, Hospital Planner at Tyks


The article was originally published on 6.03.2022 and has been updated on 20.02.2024.
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