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Grano’s handprint can be seen in Amos Rex’s exhibitions in many ways

Art museum Amos Rex always aims to offer something surprising as well as a unique experience. In summer 2021, the guests can enjoy both through the Blick exhibition, a multisensory installation by artist Raija Malka and composer Kaija Saariaho. Grano has helped build many of the exhibitions held in Amos Rex.

Building and opening a new exhibition is always a process with many different stages, which require seamless cooperation between several different operators.

“Everyone is always really excited when a new project starts. When the opening day starts to approach, excitement grows, too, and everyone is eager to get the new exhibition started,” says exhibition assistant Krista Mamia from Amos Rex.

“When people finally get to see the exhibition, that is when it comes to life. That is the core of all that work,” describes Ida Kukkapuro, communications officer of Amos Rex.

EMMi improves digital work ergonomics

Grano and Amos Rex have worked together on several different exhibitions, and Grano’s handprint can be seen extensively in many of them. Amos Rex has also recently commissioned Grano’s EMMi Asset management program. 

“Smooth file management and easy material transfer in the background provide good work ergonomics in a digital environment. It is super important, cuts down stress and eases the workload a great deal,” Kukkapuro says.

“Grano is an important partner to Amos Rex. Their work is visible in many aspects of our operations,” says Amos Rex’s museum director and managing director Kai Kartio.

Demanding wall taping

In Blick, Grano’s handprint can be seen in the Gallery Guide and the wall tapings, for example. Grano’s ad installer, Marko Rautavirta, was one of those working on the wall tapings. The small letter tapings with matte surface were not the easiest to do.

“A museum is, of course, a bit of a different environment to work in, as there are several people who decide where the tapes should go. Often, we ponder over several options first before a place is approved and the tape can be attached,” Rautavirta says.

Down to the last detail

Gallery Guide is an exhibition visitor’s guidebook, and the museum wants to invest in its appearance. In addition to the Gallery Guide, Grano has printed the exhibition invitations as well as posters and postcards.

“We at Grano feel that we bear the responsibility, especially close to the end when everything has to be ready for the press conference. When the exhibition is about to open and someone notices that something is still missing, it has to be finished quickly, sometimes within just a few hours to spare. This has been a very interesting project,” says Grano’s Key Account Manager, Petri Leiste.

One thing Amos Rex especially values in Grano is the company’s extensive understanding of the challenges that are related to the operational fields of a multifaceted operator such as Amos Rex. At the same time, they strive towards a perfect finish, down to the last detail.

“Raija Malka took some of her paintings to Grano’s printing office, so that the colours in the invitations could be adjusted to perfection. This is the level we are aiming for,” Kartio says, smiling. 

The article was originally published on 17.09.2021 and has been updated on 20.02.2024.
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