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Grano’s Print Shop in Vallila has been closed on 31 December 2019 – operations to continue on Uudenmaankatu

Dear customer,

Grano’s Print Shops on Kuortaneenkatu and Uudenmaankatu have merged on 1 January 2019. In other words, Grano continues to serve you in all your print-related needs even after the closing of the Vallila Print Shop.
From January onwards, we will provide you with all the services that you need on Uudenmaankatu, in Espoo and via our customer service.

Digital printing orders as of 1 January 2020:
tel. +358 (0)30 6667 210

CAD printing orders as of 1 January 2020:
Grano Oy
Vesikuja 4, Espoo
You can also always turn to Grano’s customer service for quick, convenient and friendly service:

tel. +358 (0)29 1800 400 (open weekdays 8:00–16:00) or www.grano.fi/asiakaspalvelu. You can also send quote requests and orders directly to asiakaspalvelu@grano.fi.
We would like to warmly thank you for your cooperation and welcome you to our service locations in the city centre
and Espoo.

Best Regards

Grano Vallila, Print Shop

Kuortaneenkatu Print Shop

Kuortaneenkatu 1 (ground floor)

00520 Helsinki

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