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Grano highlighted as a rising star in the Nordics at leading digital signage event

Finnish company Grano received recognition at the European Digital Signage Summit 2022, the biggest seminar on digital signage, which was held at the start of July in Munich. For Grano, which is the best known for its printing business, this is also an important validation for a new venture, and the company intends to continue expanding to new markets outside of Finland in the area of digital signage.

Grano’s Rising Star recognition was awarded by notable industry publication Invidis Intelligence, which named Grano one of the most interesting providers of digital signage solutions in the Nordic countries.

Grano CEO Kimmo Kolari was pleased with the recognition, as Grano started its venture in digital signage only a few years ago.

– Traditionally, success in the digital signage market has been driven primarily by technology. We have decided to adopt a different approach by focusing on our customers’ needs and helping them to genuinely develop their operations, Kolari states. 

In Grano’s experience, paper posters cannot be replaced with digital signs without extensive restructuring.

– If you used to update your paper posters once a month and then replace them with digital displays, your customers will expect you to update and change their content much more frequently, as often as several times a day. It is this optimisation of marketing processes that we want to help our customers with, and I think we have succeeded in doing just that. The recognition that we received is proof of this, Kolari says.

The digital signage market in Europe is dominated by five major operators, two of which are based in the Nordic countries. Grano has a strong desire to eventually count itself among them.

– We want to do to this market what Uber did to the taxi industry. We see digital signage as having a great deal of untapped potential, which we intend to capitalise on not only in Finland, but in the Nordic and European markets as well, Kolari states.

The recognition was awarded at Digital Signage Summit Europe, the theme of which in 2022 was Digital Signage Business Critical. The keynotes and examples at the conference focused on a significant change: the development of digital signage into a business-critical part of companies’ operations.

For further information, please contact:

Kimmo Kolari

CEO, Grano Oy



Grano is a Finnish multi-sector company that provides marketing and communications solutions to promote customers’ sales, brand and profit. Our unique community of experts is well-versed in both cutting-edge technologies and craftsmanship.

We employ approximately 900 persons across the country, from the Helsinki region to Lapland, and all of our production is based in Finland.

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The article was originally published on 19.07.2022 and has been updated on 6.02.2024.