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Grano updates its environmental objectives

Grano’s objective is to be the most environment-friendly operator in its industry, so taking environmental impacts into account is an essential part of our corporate social responsibility. To this end we actively develop our operations based on our customers’ needs, official recommendations and our own values.

Grano's environmental policy was last updated on 1 February 2021. Now we have clarified our objectives for the coming years. We are constantly developing new ways of reducing the environmental load of our operations.

Here are our new environmental objectives:

Energy consumption: Improving energy efficiency and utilising renewable energy.

We will use 100% renewable electricity and heating by 2025.

Raw materials and material efficiency: We use materials efficiently and increase the proportion of renewable materials.

All the paper material we use comes from forests that comply with the principles of sustainable development and are or will be FSC ® or PEFC ™ certified by 2025. In packaging, we will only use packaging made of recycled or renewable materials by 2025.

Climate change: Carbon neutral business operations by 2030

We want to do our part to mitigate climate change. We measure the greenhouse gas emissions of our business operations on a regular basis and work constantly to reduce emissions. We offer and sell carbon neutral products and services to our customers.

Greenhouse gas emissions reduced relative to turnover by approximately 10% in 2020 and approximately 20% in 2021.

All the carbon neutral products that we sell are offset via Reforest. Since wood is a source of many raw materials for Grano, afforestation is a natural form of offsetting for us. As a Finnish company, we also want to promote the growth of forests in Finland. In 2021, products were offset for a total of 82 tC02e.

Circular economy: Promoting circularity and reducing waste

In accordance with the zero waste concept, our aim is to eliminate all waste that cannot be recycled and reused.

We reduce waste by streamlining our processes, optimising the use of materials and maintaining a high level of quality in our operations. We monitor the amount and quality of waste that we generate. We sort our waste according to instructions.

Recovery of waste material 82% (2021).

Ecolabelled products: Increasing the proportion of products and services that are ecolabelled.

Objective: Increasing the proportion of products and services that are ecolabelled. We offer carbon neutral products, products labelled with the Nordic Ecolabel, the FSC® label and the PEFC™ label and encourage our customers to use these ecolabelled products. The FSC® and PEFC™ certificates ensure that our wood-based materials are sourced from forests managed in accordance with sustainable development principles. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an impartial guarantee of the overall environmental friendliness of a product or service. The carbon neutral label indicates an environmentally friendly choice.

Sustainable supply chain: A supply chain that takes environmental impacts into account

We favour environmentally conscious suppliers in all of our procurements and evaluate the performance of our suppliers. We require our suppliers to implement measures to reduce their environmental impacts and to comply with laws and contractual obligations. Key suppliers must be ISO 14001 certified. We favour local and ecolabelled products. We follow social responsibility principles in all of our operations and also expect our suppliers to comply with our ethical principles.

Grano will be working closely with stakeholders, customers and, of course, staff to achieve these objectives. Grano’s corporate social responsibility team builds the path to achieving the objectives. We will also organise internal training for our staff in this area so that we can operate more responsibly and with due respect for the environment.

The article was originally published on 19.05.2022 and has been updated on 6.02.2024.