Kimmo Kolari appointed the new CEO of Grano

Kimmo Kolari has been appointed the new CEO of marketing and communications services company Grano. Kolari has a diverse international career behind him. He was appointed to the position from his current position of interim CEO.

Kimmo Kolari (BSc Eng., Printing Tech., MBA, born 1972) has been appointed the new CEO of marketing and communications services company Grano. Kolari has previously served as vice president and interim CEO at Grano, and assumes the position of CEO effective immediately.

Kolari has versatile international and domestic expertise in developing and growing marketing outsourcing services, as well as strong knowledge of the printing industry. Prior to joining Grano, Kolari has worked in management positions at Fuji Xerox in the Asia-Pacific region and in the Nordic Morning Group.

“Grano has tremendous potential and we can produce a great deal of added value to our customers by providing them with the most effective communications services and serving as their everyday helpers. As CEO, I intend to continue pursuing this strategy, and I look forward to the completion of our existing projects, such as the expansion of Grano’s major production facility in Vantaa. I believe that my international background and the fact that I am a third-generation printing works professional will be of great use to the company,” Kolari states.

Kimmo Kolari has served as interim CEO since the position was vacated by the previous CEO Pekka Mettälä.

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Kimmo Kolari
President & CEO
Grano Oy

The article was originally published on 15.02.2022 and has been updated on 6.02.2024.