Grano’s code of ethics

Grano’s operations and decision-making are steered by our code of ethics, our vision for the future and the values defined for our operations.

We have updated our privacy policy to comply with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the related legislation. The updated privacy statement is available below.

Customer register privacy statement



Trust is one of our key values

  • A culture of trust in the working community
  • Compliance with obligations to maintain secrecy
  • Confidential interest group relations


Security provides the framework for our responsibility

  • A secure working environment
  • Data security that covers all operations


Our operations are steered by law

  • National legislation and instructions issued by the authorities
  • Compliance with ILO principles and UN rights
  • Fulfilment of the criteria for environmental labels

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We respect one another

  • Personnel well-being
  • Fair and equal treatment
  • Personal value and privacy
  • Zero tolerance for discrimination, threats and harassment


We take care our personnel’s expertise

  • Systematic orientation
  • Continuous development and training
  • Investment in managerial work


We reduce our environmental impact

  • Waste management and emissions monitoring
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Promotion of the circular economy
  • Personnel training

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We compete fairly

  • Compliance with competition law
  • Unconditional prohibition on cartels, corruption and bribery
  • Honest and open communications


We want to do the right thing and ensure that our business operations are ethical

Our reliability and long-term success are based on ethically sustainable operations, the basic principles of which are detailed in our code of ethics.

To promote the accountability of our operations, we ask that you please report any suspicions that you might have regarding violations of our ethical principles, good business practice, laws or directives. This way we can address possible misconduct and develop our operations.

We take all reports seriously. All reports submitted via the whistleblowing channel are processed confidentially by Grano’s whistleblowing team. The team ensures that incidents are appropriately processed in accordance with the company’s agreed-upon whistleblowing process. Only the whistleblowing team has access to submitted reports. The team may also request additional information from the whistleblower during the processing of a submitted report. The team members are bound by an obligation to maintain the secrecy of processed incidents.

Grano’s whistleblowing channel was set up in collaboration with WhistleB, an impartial external partner, to ensure whistleblower anonymity. If the whistleblower provides their own identifying information or submits a report on someone else, their personal data is processed in compliance with data protection principles during the processing of the report. Any identifying information related to actual persons is deleted once the associated incident has been processed and the data is no longer needed.

You do not need to have evidence to support your suspicion, but all reports must be submitted honestly, sincerely and in good faith. We ask, however, that you please describe the suspected misconduct in sufficient detail to allow us to investigate the matter.

Grano’s whistleblowing channel is available to all Grano Group companies.