Cost-efficient service for public sector operators and organisations


The health and social services reform and other structural reforms, digitalisation and the retirement of baby boomers challenge public sector organisations to adapt. Grano helps cities, municipalities, educational institutions, government organisations, parishes and non-profit organisations to carry out their duties efficiently both now and in the future, without compromising the quality of their services. In addition to multi-channel print and digital productions, Grano also provides its clients with effective tools and solutions for ordering systems, material management, online shops and communications. We allow clients to streamline their operations by, for example, centralising all their digital materials to a single system and providing them with all the content they need as a service.


Adopting a multi-channel approach is the key to ensuring that your message reaches your target audience in the right way and at the right time.


Every print product tells your company's story and contributes to a consistent corporate identity.


An efficient ordering system facilitates the management of your company's product orders and saves both time and effort.


Companies exchange large amounts of information on a daily basis. We offer you the tools for comprehensive material management.


Is your corporate website as international as your business? For international companies, being able to communicate in multiple languages is vital.


The digitisation of documents and archives is a data secure and cost-efficient solution for storing information and improving its usability.