The Grano Showroom – See our materials and solutions with your own eyes

The Grano Showroom is now open! In the Showroom, you can learn more about the extensive range of materials and solutions that Grano can offer to meet your company’s needs. Whether you are thinking about the numerous material options for product packaging or the fabrics available for advertising banners, the Showroom provides you with the opportunity to see and feel what they are really like in-hand.

A comprehensive range of options at your fingertips

The Grano Showroom is located at Grano’s production facilities in Koivuhaka, Vantaa. The purpose of the Showroom is to showcase Grano's wide product portfolio, from illuminated advertisements to advertising textiles, print products, packaging materials, labels, decals, POS materials and trade fair solutions. The Showroom is a space that you can freely explore, examining each material and solution that catches your interest. You are also allowed to touch everything in the Showroom; after all, you are the best judge of what your product packaging should feel like, for example. You can also try out and test everything to find out how specific solutions like illuminated advertisements or shelf edge displays work. The Grano expert accompanying you will happily tell you all about the solutions that you want to learn more about.

Product Director Mikael Haanpää from Grano explains why you should visit the Showroom:

“You can find the product that you want on a website, but you won’t know what kind of material you want for it before you see it with your own eyes. In the Showroom, you can explore and examine finished products, raw materials and material samples to help you choose materials based on how they actually feel like in-hand. What does the fabric of an advertising banner feel like, for example? How does it react to the light? Can you see through it? Or let’s say that you’re looking for product packaging: what should its surface feel like? How should it open? What should the packaging and its printed surfaces feel like in the customer’s hands?

A large fabric wall is a sight in and of itself, and Grano has a wealth of options to choose from. There are different fabrics available for different purposes, and it is our job to help you choose the options that best suit your needs. The same applies to other materials as well!”

Actual customer solutions on display

In the Grano Showroom, you can examine not only materials, but also actual solutions that we have designed for our customers. These include packaging, print products, POS materials and advertisements that you may have seen in everyday places like shopping centres, shops or restaurants.

A good example of a finished solution is the in-store marketing solution that we designed for our customer Red Bull, which attracts attention even from a distance. In the Showroom, you get to experience how the solution actually works, but here is a brief preview from Mikael:

The Red Bull in-store solution is a combination of a number of different ideas. It includes, among other things, a cardboard product display stand for cans, an illuminated advertisement in line with the spirit of F1 and brand images that convey more about the theme and the product.”

Combining elements for a unique solution

In the Showroom, you are surrounded by various types of illuminated advertisements, labels and cardboard structures, but what you really need is a solution encompassing all of these and a lot more besides. In addition to showcasing Grano’s extensive product portfolio, the purpose of the Showroom is to show you that even the wildest ideas can be realised! Just like the Red Bull in-store marketing solution combined many different elements into a single, effective campaign, with the help of a Grano expert you too can build a campaign that ensures that your company is seen and heard on the surfaces relevant to you.

The Showroom helps you make responsible choices

The details of all the showcased materials and solutions are displayed in the Showroom to help you choose materials that are in line with your company’s values. You can also ask your contact person whether a specific solution can be implemented in a carbon neutral manner.

Even more expansive in the future

The Showroom will expand in the future, as we have a lot more to showcase and plenty of new ideas. Mikael reveals that in the autumn, the Showroom will shine a spotlight on Grano’s interior decoration products:

“We will be showcasing interior decoration products for offices and various types of business premises, among other solutions. In addition to these, you can look forward to seeing more signs and decals in the Showroom.”

Come visit the Showroom!

The Grano Showroom is open to our customers, but due to security reasons, visitors must be accompanied by a Grano contact person on individual tours. Please do not hesitate to contact your designated Grano contact person and schedule a visit to explore everything that the Grano Showroom has to offer!

The article was originally published on 24.10.2023 and has been updated on 6.02.2024.