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Marketing and communications solutions

What does your company look like?

First impressions matter! What do your customers feel and experience when visiting you for the first time? Your facilities can support the customer experience and corporate look from all around you, from furniture to window stickers. How about your forms, envelopes, brochures, customer magazines, and posters? Your website, social media channels, and advertisement banners? Do they conform to and support your corporate look?

We offer all corporate look solutions both digital and printed, from floor to ceiling. We also offer our customers digital material management tools, which allow you to store your documents, and graphic instructions, as well as poster and letter templates in an easily editable format.

Would you like digital or printed solutions? How about both?

We listen to our customers, design and target the campaigns in cooperation, and take care of all of the practical matters from the actual printing service to mailing. We also print brochures, magazines, posters, sales materials, and whatever else you may need.

Combine digital services with the printed ones to double your efficiency. We can also produce advertisements and banners for websites or social media channels.

We also offer electronic tools for the management of all your marketing materials, which allow you to edit the materials easily and flexibly.

Care for some warm leads?

A warm lead, a customer who is already interested in your company and its products, never fails to bring a smile to the face of a salesperson. We have the perfect recipe for those: using our deep customer insights and targeted multichannel customer communications.

We start by charting your own customer data, enriching it where possible with information of media consumption, for example. We figure out which channels your preferred target group uses, and approach them using just the right methods.

In addition to limited marketing campaigns, targeted customer communications can support the management of customer paths and customer relationship life cycles with long-standing customer relationships. Recognizing the customer’s meeting points allows the efficient targeting of messages.


Printed and digital

We have several decades of experience in the printing industry. Our digital competence ranges from banners to campaign websites and online stores. 

Stickers make an impression 

We can produce stickers for your service look as well as impressive window stickers. Car stickers ensure that your brand is seen on the streets as well.

Materials in over 100 languages

Our translation agency can translate your materials to over 100 languages, for needs ranging from individual translations to comprehensive solutions.

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From our customers

‘We are already operating in eight towns and cities around Southern Finland, and it is important that we are recognised by the same visual look everywhere. With many people at Jatke ordering products from Grano, having standardised product templates simplifies ordering and lowers our costs.’

Nina Oja, Jatke Oy.


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