Four reasons to go with the SokoPro project bank

Four reasons to go with the SokoPro project bank

SokoPro is an online service for managing, sharing, and archiving information. It enables flexible management of construction projects: in private projects, facade renovations in apartment buildings, or the construction of a brand new shopping centre, you will have easy access to all relevant information on schedules, deliveries, drawings, and site journals. The project bank is available 24/7, no matter where you are. 

The technical aspects of SokoPro are beyond compare, but we are particularly proud of the cooperation with our customers and partners:

Most users in Finland

Over 40,000 construction professionals already use the SokoPro project bank, which is Finland’s leading project bank.

Continuous development

Our customers are our best friends. Strong customer relationships and the feedback we receive help us develop the project bank continuously. Participate in the development of SokoPro, and take advantage of the views of other developers.

An advocate of Finnishness

SokoPro is entirely produced in Finland, and it has been granted the right to use the Key Flag symbol.

Data security forerunner

SokoPro is the only project bank in Finland to have received the data security certificate granted by Nixu Oy. The certificate, granted by the leading data security consulting company in the Nordic countries, is a sign of our high level of data security.

SokoPro is a safe choice for the management of construction sites and properties. In addition, Grano’s extensive networks guarantee swift deliveries for printed products, through rain or shine.

Read more about how Skanska uses the SokoPro project bank in its enormous projects.

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The article was originally published on 26.10.2015 and has been updated on 3.10.2023.