Marketing and content projects from start to finish


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We offer a comprehensive range of tools for content, project and brand management, as well as all the design services you might need, from visual identities to marketing campaigns. We also take care of implementation, in both digital and print formats. There’s no one better at comprehensively managing the entire service chain.


Modern customers find the services and products they need through many different channels. Most customers start the procurement process by finding information online. Grano helps you design and produce marketing and sales solutions and digital services relevant to your customers. We’ll provide you with everything you need, from online services and social media advertising to print solutions.



Effective customer relationship management is based on up-to-date content and their use in channels relevant to the customer. Grano has decades of experience in producing, modifying, digitising and utilising various materials and archives. Our modern tools allow you to centralise all your material into one place, no matter how much of it there might be, making brand and project management smooth and seamless.



Marketing has evolved from mass and campaign communications towards continuous, personally relevant and measurable solutions. The best results are often achieved with a combination of digital and physical media. With the help of Grano’s digital, print and analytics expertise, you can make sure that your content is published in the channels where it makes the biggest impact.