A translation services provider must be able to not only manage the terminology used by client companies, but deliver translations on a tight schedule as well. Pet supply chain Musti Group put its faith in Grano Translation Service when launching its new service concept.

Musti Group developed and piloted a new concept focusing on dog fur care in Finland, which it later launched in Sweden and Norway as well. The translation needs related to the development of the new service were extremely varied.

“We develop services based on service design methods and in a very customer-oriented manner. When launching a new service, schedules are sometimes hectic, and plans may change suddenly based on experiences and customer feedback. The need for and content of different materials may fluctuate rapidly, so we needed a translation agency that could keep up with us,” says Head of Service Development Hanna Sieppi from Musti Group.

Business Area Director Jari Huttunen from Grano says that translation is first and foremost interaction. As such, discussions with clients are an essential part of the job. The clients of Grano Translation Services value speed and clear operating procedures, in response to which Grano is committed to providing professional and good service.

“One of the basic principles of the ISO 9001 quality management certification that guides our operations is that our translators focus on the types of texts that they specialise in. Our translators have either a wealth of translation experience or plenty of work experience in the field that they specialise in,” Huttunen explains.

Grano’s translators are highly educated language and translation industry professionals. Moreover, their translations are always proofread by native speakers of the target language. Grano provides translations in over a hundred language pairs.