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How does your construction site look like? 

The visual environment of a construction site does matter. The residents and passers-by should be kept up to date regarding what will happen next, particularly if the construction project is large or lasts a long time. The environment of the site and any passages should also be kept as clean as possible.

We can also offer solutions to the perimeters of construction sites: signposts, other kinds of signs, and site fences. Illustrations or information about the schedule of the project can be printed onto the fences, for example. The coverings used in renovations can also be printed: it is becoming increasingly common in Finland to print a full-sized picture of the building on the covering of a valuable building whose facade is being renovated.

Are your construction drawings up to date?

The construction drawings and other documents related to construction projects must always be readily available and editable. We can offer a comprehensive solution for processing technical documents. Our convincing experience and competence ensure that whether you need scanning, vector drawing, overdrawing, or printouts of any size, you will have them flexibly as the situation requires.

Is your construction project in SokoPro already?

SokoPro is the most popular and widely used project bank in Finland. It is suitable for construction projects of all sizes, from private home construction projects to large shopping centres.

In addition to construction projects, SokoPro can store the drawings, plans, and other documents related to the life cycle of a building in a way that allows them to be easily accessible even after several years, such as in the case of a planned extension project.

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New apartments being built! Who’s going to move there?

The marketing for new construction and renovation projects is often started quite early, sometimes even before the first stone has been turned or a single piece of scaffolding has been erected on the site. Advance marketing, when targeted carefully, is quite efficient.

We can provide suitable solutions for the targeted marketing operations for construction projects: the constructor of a new apartment building for seniors, for example, can target their message to all pensioners living within 30 km of the building being planned. 

Targeted direct marketing, digital or printed – we can do it all!


Access control

Security is one of the most important issues to be considered around a construction site. We can offer comprehensive access control solutions from ID cards to site cameras.

Materials in over 100 languages

Our translation agency can translate your materials to over 100 languages, for needs ranging from individual translations to comprehensive solutions.


Nationwide courier services

Our nationwide courier service can deliver your materials to where you need them, in a quick and reliable way.

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