Do you have materials awaiting delivery to customers? Are you staying on top of your supply chain? Do you need help with storage or packing?



Logistics isn't just about transporting and storing products; it's about managing entire supply chains and facilitating a good customer experience. We'll take care of planning your company's logistics, storing and packing products, and delivering them quickly to your customers. We'll also provide you with a designated contact person, as well as an app that allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your logistics solution in real time.  

We can handle the collection and packing of your products, enveloping, address collection and printing from a desired register and plastic wrapping. Material delivery and affreightment is handled through an existing contract partner or our own delivery services. We also offer mailing and marketing logistics services for direct marketing campaigns, POS campaigns, customer mailings and the delivery of event materials and other sales and marketing materials.

  • Address label printing
  • Enveloping
  • Brochure and magazine mailing
  • Plastic wrapping 
  • Removal of duplicates to the same address
  • Box assembly and filling
  • Binder assembly and filling
  • Inserts
  • Storage
  • Material handling
  • Transport arrangements
  • Follow-up marketing
  • Samples
  • Distribution register administration
  • Real-time ordering system
  • Packing materials
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